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The NMFWA Climate Change Working Group was established to share information among NMFWA members regarding the management of natural resources on US military lands and waters in the context of an ever-changing environment. The goals of the NMFWA Climate Change Working Group are to:

  • Facilitate communication and information exchange among members of NMFWA and the DoD interested or involved with climate change effects on natural resources at military installations.
  • Increase awareness of issues related to adaptive management of natural resources in response to climate change at military installations.




The Climate Change Working Group’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide regular communication among members of NMFWA interested in climate change through meetings and workshops, e-mail discussions, newsletters, and other publications.
  2. Promote membership in NMFWA to DOD and other federal, state, Tribal, and non-governmental natural resources professionals interested in climate change.
  3. Provide NMFWA members information and technical assistance on climate change as it pertains to natural resource management, including vulnerability and risk assessments and strategies to promote adaptation and resiliency.
  4. Make recommendations to the NMFWA Board of Directors for specific actions by NMFWA in the area of climate change.
  5. Develop draft technical reviews, position statements, and other materials on climate change for consideration by the NMFWA Board of Directors.
  6. Provide information and technical assistance to government officials, journalists, educators, other organizations, and the general public on adaptive management of natural resources in response to climate change on military installations. The NMFWA website shall be the primary method of disseminating information.
  7. Develop and share strategies for adaptive management of natural resources related to climate change.

To join the NMFWA Climate Change Working Group, please send an e-mail to one of the group chairpersons, Laura Muhs or Dawn Lawson.

"Defense leadership in environmental protection is critical to our national security. We will continue to provide leadership in balancing environmental protection and national security. Climate change is no exception. Already we are a Federal leader in reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases... Through energy conservation innovations, the Department has reduced its total energy consumption by 36 percent since 1990."

    — Sherri W. Goodman
    Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environmental Security)