National Military Fish & Wildlife Association

What is NMFWA?

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The National Military Fish and Wildlife Association (NMFWA) was officially chartered in 1983 by a small group of dedicated Department of Defense (DoD) resource management professionals. These individuals recognized the critical need for enhanced awareness of natural resource conservation requirements in order to provide for both long term sustainability of resource diversity and the successful accomplishment of the military training mission on public lands administered by the DoD.

NMFWA, which can trace its roots of organized involvement back to 1977, is a non-profit organization consisting of professional resource managers working to protect and manage wildlife and other natural resources on DoD lands. Through publication of a quarterly Newsletter (Fish and Wildlife News [F.A.W.N.]), and successful accomplishment of an annual Training and Business Conference, members and supporters remain actively involved and engaged in issues of national and local importance to the objectives of the association.

Currently, membership includes wildlife and fisheries biologists, botanists, ecologists, range conservationists, foresters, cultural resource managers, and wildlife/cultural law enforcement agents. Members may work for the DoD or other federal, state or local agencies, universities, conservation organizations, or private businesses which are directly involved in conservation and management of natural resources on military lands.

Because of the individual and collective dedication of the membership, NMFWA has earned national and international recognition from within DoD, the Congressional leadership, State Resource Management Agencies, Professional Resource Management and private Non-governmental Conservation Organizations.

Please also consider joining our listserv by sending a blank email from your desired email account to or by visiting the Yahoo Groups page at This is the best way to stay in touch with us, wether or not you are a formal voting member of the Association (the membership link can be found below).

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