National Military Fish & Wildlife Association

NMWFA Awards and Recognition

Honor trail-blazing volunteers, natural resource managers, and Military members preserving our national heritage on Military lands. Real change comes through those among us who work tirelessly and encourage others, remove obstacles, build bridges, and get things done despite roadblocks and politics. These are the people who inspire us, change the world one plant or animal or brick at a time - and they remind us that it is still possible to accomplish great things one step at a time. Please join the National Military Fish & Wildlife Association in honoring those among us who support the military mission by preserving the natural heritage of our country on DoD lands in this manner – nominate them for a NMFWA award. Any individual can make a nomination (not just NMFWA members) and awards can go to any individual or group fitting the nomination categories. Awards will be presented at the next annual meeting. All nominations should be emailed to

General Awards

  • Conservation Research
  • Model Programs / Projects
  • Policy
  • Enforcement
  • Military Involvement
  • Conservation Partnerships
  • Promoting Public Awareness
  • Lifetime Achievement
Presidential Awards
  • Award for Bio-Political Leadership
  • Laurence R. Jahn Award